Featured Tournament:
LLS Declare Bear
Soft, Plush and Very Cuddly Declare Bear. 12 in Tall with Embroidered Eyes . Make the Declaration that Cancer Ends With Me by Purchasing a Declare Bear.
, 2nd: 15,000 Points, 3rd: 13,000 Points
Featured Deal:
LLS Ceramic Mug
Ceramic Mug Cancer Ends With Me
350,000 points

Featured Games:
Additional Featured Tournaments:
Day To Night Eye Shadow Palette
1st: Day To Night Eye Shadow Palette, 2nd: 12,000 Points, 3rd: 9,500 Points
Pure Seduction Travel Mist
1st: Pure Seduction Travel Mist, 2nd: 8,000 Points, 3rd: 7,000 Points
Floral Cosmetic Brush Set
1st: Floral Cosmetic Brush Set, 2nd: 8,000 Points, 3rd: 7,000 Points
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