Featured Tournament:
Clean and Repair Eyeglass Kit
Keep this handy kit on hand in purse or backpack to clean and repair sunglasses or eyeglasses. Plastic case contains repair tools that will work with all eyeglass makes and a cleaning cloth.
, 2nd: 15,000 Points, 3rd: 12,000 Points
Featured Deal:
Beyonce Pulse 3 Piece Set
The fresh notes in Beyonce pulse intermingle to create a unique citrus, floral gourmand, anchored by Beyonce's favorite flower, the orchid. Sparkling top notes of fresh pear blossom, effervescent blue curacao accord and frosted bergamot.
350,000 points
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Additional Featured Tournaments:
Perfect Tortilla Pan Set
1st: Perfect Tortilla Pan Set, 2nd: 10,000 Points, 3rd: 7,500 Points
Think Geek Gift Card
1st: Think Geek Gift Card $10.00, 2nd: 15,000 Points, 3rd: 12,000 Points
BBQ 3 pc Chrome Tool Set
1st: BBQ Pro 3 Pc. Chrome Tool Set , 2nd: 7,500 Points, 3rd: 5,000 Points
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